About this project

This project is my own small contribution to Black Lives Matter in response to the murder of George Floyd—and an effort to further my own education and growth. I wanted to read Dr. King’s letter, but couldn’t find it represented well online (other than in PDF form). So I made this site.

Update: [posted on 29 March, 2021] After receiving a thoughtful note from a history professor pointing out that the text I had originally posted was abridged, I compared a few other versions and found a more complete text available on the Bill of Rights Institute website (among a few other sources) and updated it here as well. And as the professor pointed out—it’s worth it for the last paragraph alone. It is a stunningly moving passage.

Getting involved

Should you be so moved, you can find places to donate to bail funds, learn more about the Black Visions Collective, or search through Florida Elago’s extensive database for ways you can help and/or contribute. I’ve added lots more below. To learn more about Dr. King, visit The King Center.

Education & Engagement

Since I’m a middle-aged white male, I know there is a lot I don’t know, and a lot I simply don’t experience. These are some of the people and resources that are helping me learn:


Aside from donating directly to the George Floyd Memorial Fund or MN Freedom Fund, there are a number of companies offering to match donations to organizations that are doing really good work. Here are links to a few:

Links gathered from Twitter and this excellent post from Ethan Marcotte

The full source of this project is publically available on GitHub. Please feel free to contribute, or contact me with suggestions or comments.


Jason Pamental